Daradgee Welding Works pride themselves on Quality Workmanship.

Daradgee Welding Works is a family run business, it has been running since 1989 and was founded by Robert and Lesley Sapuppo.

The family is also known for winning the inventors award for the buffalo fly Rubbing Post.

In 1995 the founding owner’s son Jason joined the company as an apprentice boilermaker and is now a partner of the company.

The business started out by developing equipment for the banana industry, which was crying out for new technology in picking and processing.

The company has been responsible for developing new equipment including, Packing Conveyers, Troughs, Picking Trailer and the first Roll on Roll off banana tops transfer system which revolutionised the industry and is found in many packing sheds in North Queensland, Western Australian and the Northern Territory.

The company is now responsible for supplying equipment to over 60% of the banana industry, a huge feat for what was a small family business.

Due to the success of the company, the family have now opened Daradgee Welding Works retail business primarily selling Motors, Gearboxes and Banana Farming Hand Tools.